Digital Wellness Coaching

Digital Wellness Coaching

  • Reduce your digital stress

  • Deepen your spiritual life

  • Raise your Emotional Intelligence

  • Improve your physical life

  • Practice being present

  • Strengthen your attachments

  • Find meaning and purpose in your work/school

  • Enjoy rest and play

  • Create some margin and free space

  • Develop a Digital Wellness Plan


Cost: $100 per session

Digital Wellness Coaching for Parents
  • Take a Digital Wellness Assessment for your kids
  • Assess your digital use
  • Establish your personalized family Digital Wellness Plan
Cost: $100 per session

Parent as Coach


Life Coaching to help parents transition their role of parent as a coach with adult children.



Cost: $100 per session

Email me Dr. Sylvia for more info or a free session:

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